L’envol ! Der Aufschwung !

Funny enough we will be leaving Hamburg on the day of its Hafengeburtstag. The boats, parading and blowing their impressive horns in the harbour, make the perfect final greeting of the city. Call it French pretentiousness !

Gott sei dank!
This goodbye gift is one of a kind, as my colleague, its creator, is. Having now my own blog, the departure tastes of an exciting adventure.

I can only hope that in my hands, this blog can live up to the high standards set by its first chapters.
To grasp the legendary sense of humour and wit of our new English fellows, Pimm’s will certainly help !

Making this handover complete cannot go without paying tribute to the little bird who brought this page to life.
2 years sitting in front of each other on a daily basis – 2nd Floor- Hellgrungweg 100.
Here is the list (non exhaustive) of what I owe you :
– a new Pilates body – I did certainly exceed the 30 hours, hence visible results are to be seen if we believe Mr Pilates’ statement
– a customised map with your favorite routes (1 blue and 1 pink) to discover Berlin
– a vivid memory of the German Feinschmecker Essen bei der Tierquartenquelle. Memory which I share with my sister and parents. Believe it or not, the climax was reached with the dessert.
– a taste for road trips, since you kept teasing me with your bully tours around Europe
– a renewed appetite for jogging, along the Elbe, or the Thames
– countless Teepausen and lunch in the cantine where you were kind enough to share your Frischkäse
– an attentive ear no matter what I felt like telling
– a blog ….

…. And obviously more to come