Pique-Nique royal

Willing to embrace the English culture and its history, we spent this sunny Sunday in Hampton Court.
To be fully honest, the pique-nique by the water and lazing in the sun kept us busy in the first place. Then strolling in the castle, was done in a rather easy going way.
Bottom line, we will certainly fail any test inquiring about the Tudords, the Stuart, or any other branch of the monarchy… but we grasped the atmosphere of the place and that’s worth any history lesson.

Now, the lazy, yet guilty, part of me is wondering if watching the Tudors (series) could be considered a suitable palliative for our historical ignorance…

Main point of interest for the foodistas : the castle boasts the largest vine in the world ! My French soul remains unfortunately doubtful that they can get the best wine of the world out of it…

Take-aways : having seen armees of mince pies in the impressive kitchens of the King, I have decided to try one myself in the coming days.
At least, for this one, I will know what is in there when I eat it.

Stay tuned !
Xoxo from London