Meeting Jamie the pasta master

There is a saying according to which : ” La première crêpe est toujours une boule”. I kept a rather vivid memory of the first time I heard it. It was about 10 years ago when my economy teacher handed me my paper back… Given the fact that I got a 2/20 I considered it applied rather well to the situation and chose to try and see the positive part of the saying… what about the 2nd crêpe ?

Well, if I can think of any other moment when it has particularly well applied to one of my endeavors, I would think of this one time when I tried to make my own pasta dough. Despite all my dedication to the project, after about 3 hours spent in the kitchen, the only tangible result was that in-depth cleaning was needed as the place looked like a battlefield. We did eat the non identified outcome of the experience, but that was more out of compassion than for our buds’ pleasure.

Well it took me about a year to do my second “crêpe”. Namely I just took a Pasta Master class at Jamie Oliver. That was a nice attempt to kill two birds with one stone, since I have to admit, I had the secret hope to meet the guy. But just as the queen would not been seen, no matter how many of her castles I dare to visit… ( and for some cosy sums of money), well Jamie was not there.
In lieu of meeting him, I met Christine, a very nice chap notwithstanding.
It turned out to be really easy and fun to make my own pasta dough, and I now fail to understand why the first attempt was such a drama.

Now, time will tell, time will show, if I manage to redo it as successfully at home. I’m just hoping the pasta machine did not rust out of all the frustration I have vented at it the first time.

For this nice experience all credits go to the generous donator : Colombine !