The rather unorthodox Galette Bretonne

Few weeks ago, I have endured ceaseless, live reports, with pictures, of my kins’ holidays, while I was at work.
Well, watching people’s holidays, does not necessarily make your week easier, but it can inspire a dinner menu.

Why not bring a bite of French Brittany in Great Britain ?

STEP 1 : prepare the dough, a piece of cake.
75cl Water, 330g Buckwheat, 10g salt, 1 egg.
Mix flour with water & salt until you get a fluid batter. Then add the beaten egg. Alow to rest for 1 to 2 hours.

STEP 2: make the galette. I like it thin and crispy, so the pan should be hot.


STEP 3: the garnish
This first variation was booed by the Brittany committee for not being the traditional Galette. It was good but I felt guilty every bite.


So to make it right, I indulge to get a second one, the purist : eggs and cheese.
It was REALLY good. It was the taste of holiday I was looking for.
I learn my lessons and I won’t defy the gods of Brittany anymore!