Royal Plum Jam

It´s been ages since I last made jam. This used to be a family tradition during summer.
We would go on an expedition to pick blackberries in the bushes come end of August. That was when August was still synonymous for holidays. And making jam was synonymous for at least 10 jars as we were competing with each other to see wo would get the more berries.

Nowadays, August is about work, and there is no way we could possibly end 10 jars of jam in a reasonnable time.

But old habits die hard, and I suddenly craved for home-made plum jam, passing by the fruit stall.
Fruit collection was somehow way easier than in the past : no scratches from the bushes, I did not even have to fight with another client to get the fruits… just a bite of s struggle with the accent of the sales person. It felt almost too easy.

Then off you go : recipe checked with family, old mustard jars cleaned up, fruits diced and settled in sugar. (incidentally the sugar I used is “By Appointment to HM the Queen…” which can only make it taste better I assume…)
Slow cooking until the foam disappears.


In the end a very pleasant color and consistency. We tried already with some cheese and pancakes… Yummy and easy.
We have some ammunitions, 3 little jars safely stored to get us through winter.


Labels to be updated… But it makes you well good to know you recycle old jars.