Mother hen & her eggs mimosa

I must confess I am developing two growing passions : bread and jams. The plus side is that once you master the basic technics, you can go on and improvise endlessly, as you please.

The downside : this does not feed an honest man.

Let’s kill two birds with one stone : liquidate a weird mayonnaise overstock in our fridge ( = extra jam jars ) and provide my old man a decent dinner. Speaking of birds, oeufs minosa would do the perfect trick.

Somehow, food is like fashion and Oeufs mimosa are comparable to the heigh waisted jeans from the 80’s. They were so much in fashion when I was a kid, and somehow turned vintage nowadays.

Shall I explain how to make these ? Boil hard eggs, remove the egg yolk and mix it with mayonnaise and herbs. That’s the classical approach, feel free to improvise. Stuff back in the whites, nicely trying to rebuild the eggs.

Oeufs Mimosas spinkled with mint

We ate these with grilled asparagus sprinkled with parmesan, on a bed of rice noodles cooked in meat broth. (Remains from another dish I had prepared the day before)

Grilled asparagus with parmesan