Our daily bread & jam

I can’t believe today is the last summer hour Friday… Meaning, the office closes at 4PM.
In my best attempt to blend in and abide by local culture, I happened to be the first one to call it a day.

Let’s be honest, I had some serious business to attend at home.


Having a special guest visiting us tomorrow, I prepared the basics for a nice brunch.

1. A bread loaf : rye flour, hazelnuts and honey.


2 bags of dried yeast- 50 ml luke warm water – 1 coffee spoon honey. Mix these together until foam appears (approx 15/20 min)
200g rye flour, 300g plain white flour, 300ml milk, 50g chopped hazelnuts.
Mix all ingredients together, thanks god I have a very helpful food processor to assist in the kneading process. (If it could talk I think it would rather say I am the one assisting him)

Let it rise until it doubles in size.
Shape it, give it time to rise again.
Put it in very hot oven with a glass of water to create steam, this will give it a nice crust.
Cooking time for the full loaf 30-40 minutes. Knock on the bread it should sound empty. Let it cool on a rack.

2. A strawberry / peach jam : it’s a shame scent sharing is not an option. It was just divine. Worth any home fragrance you could think of.


500g strawberries 500g peaches,
700g sugar (mix of special jam sugar / caster sugar)
1 lemon juice.
Let it all rest 24h.
Then cook it until the foam disappears.

I hope our guest will honour breakfast and give us a great review.
He is quite a gourmet, seducing his taste buds will not be a piece of cake.



Now, if you are observant and nothing can escape your eagle eye, you might notice the jam is particularly dark.

Let me confess something, we ended up here half way between jam and caramel…
Although I gave it a great deal of thoughts to try to analyse all possible factors, I could not really fathom it.

That being said, I was rather lame at chemistry at school. So I took notes, and I’ll give it another try.