Only the brave ! Getting to the heart of the artichokes

Several key events mark the British summer season. It starts on the posh side with Ascot and Wimbledon.


It ends, well, in a more relaxed fashion, maybe due to the many litters of Pimms everybody has indulged himself with over summer.

Notting Hill Carnival took place this week-end. Upon several local advice we did not go. But we did ride a bus passing by Notting Hill gate on Sunday. It was worth the trip. Feeling a bit like a preview of our upcoming African safari… If I may… Sitting on top of the double-decker and observing wildlife out there. Colourful, loud, wavy herds overflowing the streets.

While preparing our dinner that night, I figured artichokes had interesting similarities with the English season.

Ar first it is quite stiff, stands straight, not making a fuss . As you make you way to its heart, it become colourful, hairy and thorny even. Different sides of the same coin, but only the brave will make it to the core!

The comparison stops here because artichokes are really a fine delicacy, and I am not sure the drunk Londoners are the best of what UK can offer.

Back to the artichokes: Once you’ve made it to the heart, boil them in water with lemon, about 20 mins should do until they are tender.
Then it’s up to you. I used remains of chicken roast sauce to fry some in the pan. And I had the rest cooked in the oven topped with parmesan cheese.
Sides: bacon and polenta.


As for the Londoners, I can’t share tips on the best way to enjoy them. Still discovering !