Visitandine for our visitors

Hamburg is visiting us this week-end!
Quite unusually so, one of our guest has never been to London before.

Before giving her the full London adventure, a French welcome dinner seemed to be about right.

Visitandine is a recipe inherited from my mum. It is an airy cake, and has the noticeable advantage not to require egg yolks. Hence a very convenient complement to recipes such as Vanilla Custard or… Canelés.

As I just made a batch of those, here we are baking Visitandine.

125g flour
125g butter
250g sugar – can be less
100g ground almonds
5 egg whites – can be 6
1 lemon peel
And you can add any fruit you fancy… For this time it will be 1 peach, as the season is about to be over, the last appealing fruits on the stalls always end up in my basket.

Rince the lemon before peeling its skin off. Mix together flour, sugar and ground almonds. Then smoothly add the beaten egg whites.
Add the melted butter last.
Add any fruits you like : raspberries, apricot, peaches do the trick pretty well. You could even think of chocolate chips.


Bake during 1/2 hours in a well buttered mould. Thermostat 4 – meaning not too hot.