African Indian Summer

Did I fall in a coma and wake up 3 months later ?
Pubs are already advertising to book our Christmas Party! Worst than global warming, even local trade starts to tamper with seasons.
Thanks god there is still a long way to go before Winter settles in and we start eating soups and wear mittens.

It is still warm and sunny out there and I do intend to enjoy Indian summer. To make my point, I’ll go a bite extreme this time : we are packed, and ready to go. Final destination, where the sun shines without a doubt, for a last slice of summer: Africa !

Last moves in the kitchen aimed at optimising the remaining supplies

1. Freeze remaining beetroot in a last attempt to save a bite of September for when we are back.


2. Prepare ammunitions for the long trip ahead of us : homemade sourdough bread for little sandwiches, and imported marzipan to please our sweet tooth.


And now, let’s hit the road !