Out of Africa – gratin dauphinois

The past two weeks have been as bumpy as a safari trail!
Thanks god we became experts in dodging hippos on the Zambeze river and spotting predators in the African bush.

This new set of skills proves handy back in The city wildlife, with much less educational interest. Unfortunately, animals in the city cannot boast the same beautiful appearances or calls.

Now it´s dark when we come home, and the landlord has turned up the heating in the building. We are far away from the camp fires.
I take it it is time for comfort food: gratin dauphinois it is!

800g Charlotte potatoes
2 dl milk – I used coconut milk
150g crème fraiche (thick)
120g gruyère
Salt, pepper, nutmeg
50g butter

Peal and wash potatoes, cut them in slices of about 4mm thickness.
Do not wash once sliced as it will help get a nice texture.
Boil the milk in a pan, then add the cream and the gruyère. Season with salt, pepper and nutmeg.
Let the potatoes cook softly for about 15 mins. Check the seasoning.
Peal the garlic and rub it on the dish before pouring in the gratin preparation.
Sprinkle gruyère and butter over the gratin.
Bake in the oven (180 degrees) for about 1 hour. It should be golden and soft inside.


Same color codes as the bush !