Squash spicy/soft soup

Do you believe in this saying : no pain, no gain ?
I don’t!
This week I witnessed a group of hardcore Londoners exercising under heavy rain on the green by our place. What used to be the perfect spot for outdoor exercise in summer turns into a copycat of military boot camps when it’s dark and pouring…
And, would you get extra strong abs by imposing this on you ? Not even sure… All I could say is that, except for the setting, they did not look like American GI’s…

Call me oversensitive, but I like it better cosy and warm… So, after having exercised indoor, I went home and prepared a nice soup.

1 butternut squash
1 coconut milk can
Vegetable stock
Honey, salt, pepper, olive oil

Dice the butternut squash and roast it in the oven with a dash of olive oil and honey. Roast for about 15 min at 180 degrees.
In the meantime, prepare the vegetable stock, once boiling add in the coconut milk and the butternut from the oven, with its juice. Cook for about 20 min until the butternut squash is tender.
Fry the chorizo, cut in small dices, in a pan, no need to grease it. I like it slightly crispy.

Pour the stock & squash in bowls, sprinkle chorizo, persil.
You can serve it with small toasts of cream cheese, it gives a nice balance to the hot chorizo.

I should have brought the military bootcamp a jug of soup to comfort them…but it felt too good in there, no courage to leave the nest!