The treasure hunt : French delicacies

We have just smuggled in a gastronomic treasure from our week-end in Lille.


After two days of fine food ( Welsch, Carbonnade, roasted chicken… among others… ) and a Sunday morning on the local market, chances were high that we would succumb, and treat ourselves with some delicacy shopping.


We even got scolded for not being educated enough on some cheese features, turns out one can be rather elitist in the cheese business! Don’t dare asking for Trou du Cru in this fine cheese-maker shop… It can be found in supermarkets !

We ended buying a selection of all sorts… and flavours. And there is now a likelihood that cheese will appear on the list of prohibited items to be brought in a Eurostar. We could tell enjoying its complex smell is not a given… It requires a connoisseur’s nose.
Apologies to our neighbours!

From our side, past the smelly journey, it was the perfect Abendbrot for a cosy Sunday evening after a great week-end !

Bottom line: a nice dinner might not require a lot of cooking, sourcing from the best will as well do the trick !