Opening up the treasure box – Matcha tea

Doing some cleaning has its upsides. It can end up in a census of your belongings and an introspective reflexion.

My last housework session brought to light my tendency to stock: mainly beauty products, scented candles and delicatessen…
Of all my “savings” my utmost treasure consists in several bags of Matcha Tea, brought back from Japan. I have religiously been saving it, dreading the day when I would run out of it.

Now that I have confessed my sins, I might as well share my good resolutions: make good use of my treasures before all their flavour vent away.

I dearly miss the Matcha Latte I used to get devoutly my daily dose of during our Japan trip. Sadly, it is not part of the European Starbucks menu. I shall think to start a petition about this !

An easier way out might be to prepare my Matcha Latte myself. Such a no brainer I am not even sure it´s worth sharing the details below.

Matcha tea
Milk or almond milk if you like it
Honey or vanilla aroma

Warm the milk and a spoon of Matcha tea.
Sweeten according to your taste with honey or vanilla.
It also turned out I had been clueless about 1 device from my food processor. Well it makes perfectly milk foam.


More Matcha recipes to come!
As for the beauty products, I’ll spare you the details ! Bottom line my skin should be stunning in a couple of weeks… Unless having sat too long in my cupboards, these end up giving me an allergy…