Reaching food maturity – La Pissaladière

As a kid, olives and anchovies were on the top of my food blacklist. I hated olives’ bitterness and anchovies’ super salty and fishy taste.

Today’s dinner would have been an ordeal for me few years back. But there seems to be an age when your taste buds are reaching maturity and learn to enjoy what I used to think were adults’ ingredients ! Like a rite of passage. If you can cope with olives, you’re a grown up.

Puff dough
6 large onions
1 laurel leaf, a bite of thymian
Black Olives
1 egg

Peel the onions and cook them slowly in a pan until they are very soft, and almost see-through. Reckon about 30 to 40 minutes.
In the meantime prepare the dough. To avoid its puffing too much use a fork to do small holes in the dough.
Let its rest in the fridge.
Once they are ready, let the onions cool before you spread them over the dough. I used a bite of tomato purée as a base. Then place anchovies and olives on top.
Use the beaten egg to coat the dough as it will give it a nice brown coloration.

Bake for 25 to 30 min in a hit oven ( 220 degrees )


To complete the adult licence I should drink red wine together with this dish, and finish with a piece of very dark chocolate. Let’s not be too harsh on my buds: a thousand miles journey, to tame all flavours, starts with a first step !

One thought on “Reaching food maturity – La Pissaladière

  1. Dear Marie Mon Cherie.

    Congratulations!!!!! This is all very helpful and interesting to read.

    I am facing a challenge…have to cook a Christmas dinner next Monday for my partner’s sister (vegetarian) and his friends (one is allergic to lactose). Coming from the Basque Country…that’s something like “Mission Impossible”. Could you please recommend a couple of easy to cook but tasty recipes (starter and main)?

    Thank you in advance.

    Natalia xx

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