The name of the game ? Pheasant

How far can one go in the pursuit of the perfect dish ? Does the end justify the means ? Can one condone stealing ?

That was the very dilemma I have been faced with when preparing a pheasant.
Although I was cooking to celebrate my better half turning 33, he did not yield when I came begging for a few drops of his cognac. See, the recipe I was looking at involved the precious drink to flambé the meat…

Although temptation was high to go fetch some cognac, despite the clear nogo I had been given, I remained very well-behaved.

Anyway, the recipe also involved truffles and I did not have any…
I ended up, as often, pretending to follow the recipe, and composing with what my pantry allowed.
Meaning a very low-key pheasant preparation. But at least an honest one!

1 pheasant – or 2 because I like to freeze afterwards, it´s very handy for busy times
1 large onion
4 carrots
Some mushrooms

Getting ready
Getting ready

Prepare the pheasant: season with salt and pepper inside and coat with butter. ( same as a chicken roast )
In a cocotte, fried each side about 2 minutes at high heat. Then pour hot water in the dish to get more sauce and get the cocotte in the oven.
Cook for at least 30 min at 200 degrees.

That’s when your supposed to trim the meat and flambé it with cognac. I just had it fry slowly in its meat juice in the pan.

Serve with a little salad. Variations for the next day : roasted chestnuts and bacon or apples and potatoes.