My dear deer meatballs

Our beloved Christmas tree
Our beloved Christmas tree

The festive season is over, we are back to real life.

Believe me the computer screen I am currently looking at is far less sexy than our late Christmas tree.

Yet, I don’t feel like making New Year resolutions since we have been so well behaved lately. We have :
– eaten local organic food
– recycled leftovers in fancy dishes
– shared great food with our beloved ones
– exercised in woods and on the ski-runs

Let me prove my point.
You are well acquainted with Christmas tree balls and snow balls? Then all you need is to discover our Christmas meatballs !

Roast leftovers : deer, beef…
Olive oil and/or meat sauce,
Stale bread,
2 eggs, beaten
Sorry no proportions for this one as we just used what was left. The idea is to get a mixture wet enough to hold once shaped in small meatballs.

Mix all ingredients together, shape small balls, coat with crumbs of stale bread and fry in the meat sauce or oil slowly.

Behind the scene
Behind the scene
On the dinner table
On the dinner table

Enjoy with salad and a nice glass of wine!