Cherry on the cake : clafoutis

Today I got the proof we did settle very well in the big apple. We’re back home for two weeks, a little break from NYC hustle and bustle. My jaw dropped when we bought bread in the best bakery in town : I figured the cashier was mistaken and did not charge for the whole of what we were purchasing. Well no, she was right. By NYC standards a real bargain : we got 2 baguettes and a sliced bread for barely more of the price of 1 baguette back in the big apple.

Life is sweet back home, and cherry on the cake we get to enjoy mum’s baking. All credits go to her for this dessert.


500g black cherries
250g flour
100g sugar
30g butter
3 eggs
1/2L milk
1 pinch of table salt


  1. Clean the cherries and dry them with a clean cloth. Remove the stalks but leave the stones as they are said to provide more taste and to maintain the cherries in a better shape in the batter. It also has the incomparable advantage to save you some time !
  2. Pour the flour in a bowl, add in the sugar and pinch of salt; then mix in the eggs and milk. You should obtain a very smooth batter
  3. Throw in the cherries and mix well.
  4. Grease a baking tin & pour in your mix : you can use a pie tin, I used a rather narrow but deep one so cooking time has been increased accordingly.
  5. Bake for 45 minutes to 1 hour in a 180 degrees hot oven.
  6. Once the baking is finished you can spread some sugar while the clafoutis is still warm.


Happy degustation, and cherry stones battle is optional !

Clafoutis 2