Gingerbread ou pain d’épices

If you are a purist, and you’re not famished, you will allow the dough to rest 3 weeks to 6 months before finalizing your gingerbread. This is how it is supposed to be traditionally prepared. If you’re stuck in a snow storm and hungry as it is my case today, you can also get it done in 1 hour.


  • 60g sugar : demerara sugar works wonders here
  • 120g chestnut honey : I went for orange blossom
  • 5g of spices : cinnamon, anise, nutmeg
  • 60g butter
  • 8 cl water
  • 2cl Pastis ( anis flavored spirit from France )
  • 30g candied oranges
  • 30g candied lemons
  • 216g flour (no this is not a typo)
  • 18g yeast


  1. Heat the oven to 350 F / 180 C
  2. In a pan, melt the honey with the sugar, butter and spices. Let it cool.
  3. Once cool, add the water, Pastis and candied fruits. Then fold in with a whisk the flour and yeast.
  4. Grease a tin, and pour the dough. Bake for 30 to 45 minutes until the blade of a knife comes out clean.


  • For lack of candied fruits you can use the zests of 4 oranges and 4 lemons. Make sure to select organic fruits, wash them in warm water with baking soda before peeling the zests.

The recipe is from Eric Sontag from the book On va Deguster la France


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