Two gold nuggets… to feed your spirit !

I am a poor reader, although I genuinely wish I were better at making time for books in my life. I owe my 2 year old a big part in all the books I have read in the past years. Most of the adults books I’ve read lately are found in the culinary section of bookstores.
This daunting possibility that a book might not be to my liking sorts of nips it in the bud most of the time. I like when people gift me books they’ve liked because it reassures me it is worth my trying to fit the reading in my day.
So here they are, those books that will remain on my bookshelf at our next “minimalistic” stroke, when we will next want to donate everything and declutter our lives.
The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben
I’ve always tried to be around trees as much as I could. Now that we live in Manhattan it has become how I choose my way from point A to B : I’ll always pick the tree-lined street even if it’s longer. So, was Herr Wohlleben preaching to the choir with this book ? In a way, but I am also notoriously picky and did find it very well written, full of interesting scientific details put at the reach of the mere mortals and full of respect for nature. Made me wanna go back in the forest and hug trees.
This book is my Dad’s and I simply stole it from him as every decent child should steal his parents’ stuff.
Ma Vallée by Claude Ponti.
The first “real” book for my son. He knows it a beautiful book and he has to take care of it. It is not childish for 1 cent. The universe is magical and poetic, full of very interesting life notions ( family, anger, death, parents). Drawings are extremely beautiful. At last a book I enjoy reading a gazillion times a day !
A gift from a dear friend.





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