What’s the most surprising gift you’ve ever been offered?

You’re looking at mine: this blog was given to me in 2014 when we left Hamburg to move to London. This is from far the best farewell gift I have received (no offense to the others). It was quite unexpected, more than a blog it was the gift of dare. Daring to share my little cooking experiments.

Food (good food) has always been part of our family culture. See, I come from Versailles, a French city which boasts one of the most amazing food markets I have ever seen in my life. They say we owe it to the king who would not compromise on the quality of his delicacies. Far from me the idea to offer royal cooking, we’re doing low-key business here.

I really started venturing out in the cooking world when we moved to Germany… fewer friends around, more time in my hands ;). It has proven to be a great outlet for creativity which does not get to express itself in the workplace. I look at cooking as an endless world of ‘why not’, ‘let’s give it a go’, ‘let’s improvise’. It’s very rewarding to get to do something you always thought was out of reach. I’m proving wrong the narrow-minded part of me which assumes “éclairs au café’ can only be bought in a bakery.

Cooking books and blogs are a source of inspiration, but I often freestyle once I start a recipe.

This is not serious cooking I’m writing about, it’s casual, friendly and convivial and I hope you’ll find it savory. 

NB: credits go to Silke for bringing Marieflottante to life, and coming up with such a pretty name.




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