Two gold nuggets… to feed your spirit !

I am a poor reader, although I genuinely wish I were better at making time for books in my life. I owe my 2 year old a big part in all the books I have read in the past years. Most of the adults books I’ve read lately are found in the culinary section of bookstores.
This daunting possibility that a book might not be to my liking sorts of nips it in the bud most of the time. I like when people gift me books they’ve liked because it reassures me it is worth my trying to fit the reading in my day.
So here they are, those books that will remain on my bookshelf at our next “minimalistic” stroke, when we will next want to donate everything and declutter our lives.

A year later

It’s been more than a year since the last post. Well, I have my reasons. I have been baking my most extraordinary dish : as they say I had a bun in the oven. Not to brag, but it turned out to be my most exquisite achievement.

No recipe to share for this one.

Also, we moved, changed country, changed jobs.

What an inspiring view !

We’re now in the big apple. What’s that name if not a call for baking ?

So, no recipe for my little bun, just a few words for this post: I plan on being back. Note the nuance, a few months ago I would have dared to write “I’m back !”. Now I’m just going with the flow, and I intend to make the most of my little monkey’s naptimes.

I have to say I’m looking forward to this day when we’ll bake together. For now, I’ve just started the basic initiation : how to pick the right books…

My new partner in crime


See you soon!

The treasure hunt : French delicacies

We have just smuggled in a gastronomic treasure from our week-end in Lille.


After two days of fine food ( Welsch, Carbonnade, roasted chicken… among others… ) and a Sunday morning on the local market, chances were high that we would succumb, and treat ourselves with some delicacy shopping.


We even got scolded for not being educated enough on some cheese features, turns out one can be rather elitist in the cheese business! Don’t dare asking for Trou du Cru in this fine cheese-maker shop… It can be found in supermarkets !

We ended buying a selection of all sorts… and flavours. And there is now a likelihood that cheese will appear on the list of prohibited items to be brought in a Eurostar. We could tell enjoying its complex smell is not a given… It requires a connoisseur’s nose.
Apologies to our neighbours!

From our side, past the smelly journey, it was the perfect Abendbrot for a cosy Sunday evening after a great week-end !

Bottom line: a nice dinner might not require a lot of cooking, sourcing from the best will as well do the trick !

African Indian Summer

Did I fall in a coma and wake up 3 months later ?
Pubs are already advertising to book our Christmas Party! Worst than global warming, even local trade starts to tamper with seasons.
Thanks god there is still a long way to go before Winter settles in and we start eating soups and wear mittens.

It is still warm and sunny out there and I do intend to enjoy Indian summer. To make my point, I’ll go a bite extreme this time : we are packed, and ready to go. Final destination, where the sun shines without a doubt, for a last slice of summer: Africa !

Last moves in the kitchen aimed at optimising the remaining supplies

1. Freeze remaining beetroot in a last attempt to save a bite of September for when we are back.


2. Prepare ammunitions for the long trip ahead of us : homemade sourdough bread for little sandwiches, and imported marzipan to please our sweet tooth.


And now, let’s hit the road !

A Japanese treat

Tonight, Okonomi Yaki s’il-vous-plait !

In Leicester Square, where all theatres boast the best show of the century, there is actually a cheap way to get entertained and fed!

One good address from Clémence as an inauguration of many after work dinners to come. The chef put a lot of effort in the mixing process… Hence the entertainment. Continue reading “A Japanese treat”

Go Marie! Go Marie!

Liebe Marie! Dein neues Abenteuer startet bald!! Am Montag geht es los – oder? Ich drücke Dir ganz fest die Daumen und wünsche Dir viel Erfolg, tolle Kollegen, kurze Arbeitstage und viele tolle neue Erfahrungen!! Du machst das bestimmt super! Ich bin gespannt, was Du erzählen wirst!

Sorry. Ich bin kein Handmodel. :/


Pique-Nique royal

Willing to embrace the English culture and its history, we spent this sunny Sunday in Hampton Court.
To be fully honest, the pique-nique by the water and lazing in the sun kept us busy in the first place. Then strolling in the castle, was done in a rather easy going way.
Bottom line, we will certainly fail any test inquiring about the Tudords, the Stuart, or any other branch of the monarchy… but we grasped the atmosphere of the place and that’s worth any history lesson.

Now, the lazy, yet guilty, part of me is wondering if watching the Tudors (series) could be considered a suitable palliative for our historical ignorance…

Main point of interest for the foodistas : the castle boasts the largest vine in the world ! My French soul remains unfortunately doubtful that they can get the best wine of the world out of it…

Take-aways : having seen armees of mince pies in the impressive kitchens of the King, I have decided to try one myself in the coming days.
At least, for this one, I will know what is in there when I eat it.

Stay tuned !
Xoxo from London