When in New York… bake Bagels

We like to joke that we’ve been moving from cities to cities the wrong way around, being in Germany as a young childless couple and ending up in New York when we’re raising kids. Bottom line, we’re far from living the Carrie Bradshaw way of life and we daydream about German maternity leave system.

This must be a pattern as bagels were on the top of my baking list back in Germany, and no longer now that we are in NYC. I guess that’s the definition of longing for what you don’t have at hand, and I’ll be craving for bagels again when we leave NYC.

The recipe is not complicated in itself, as often when it comes to bread. Still, there is always this “je ne sais quoi” to master before you can proudly exhibit your batch of bagels to people who are not 100% sold to you ! Know it requires time between different stages to let the dough rise, and the part which can be tricky is the poaching.

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Self-Esteem boost – Sourdough bread

Lately I have been hanging out quite often in book stores to get our Xmas stocking fillers ready.
I could not help but notice the impressive aisles dedicated to “personal development”. And I can only imagine that one can find among those books countless theories to boost self-esteem.

As it turns out, I also found the perfect self-esteem booster in a book, but not from the same section. Mine came from the cookery shelves…
This sourdough batch has been such a success I kept congratulating myself for the whole day ( and even more ), bragging about how exquisite the flavour is, patting myself on the crunchy yet soft dough. Practice makes perfect ! Continue reading “Self-Esteem boost – Sourdough bread”

The learning curve : Muesli bread loaf

This week-end I took my fourth golf lesson and I must say I admire my teacher for his ever lasting enthusiasm for I would not say golfing is an inborn gift for me.
But, to be fair, nor was baking bread in the first place… And yet, here we are, total bakery drop-outs, enjoying our home-made bread loaves.

So, what a better confidence boost than going back to the fields you master after having been taken out of your comfort zone on the driving range ? Continue reading “The learning curve : Muesli bread loaf”

24 hours with a guest of honour – Scones

Against all odds, our distinguished guest has arrived safely and in good time. No matter how erroneous the indications he had been given, how unreliable his sense of direction, how tricky the London subway can be…

We figured it was a good omen, the day ahead was promising, and a decent brunch could only fuel us with the needed energy. Continue reading “24 hours with a guest of honour – Scones”

Our daily bread & jam

I can’t believe today is the last summer hour Friday… Meaning, the office closes at 4PM.
In my best attempt to blend in and abide by local culture, I happened to be the first one to call it a day.

Let’s be honest, I had some serious business to attend at home. Continue reading “Our daily bread & jam”

Little Corn breads – my German madeleine de Proust

I am affraid 2 days of commute during rush hour have just erased 2 years of blissful ignorance of the subway.
I had actually forgotten one can be sweaty at 8h30 am…
On the plus side, I have to admit I now take take a daily lesson of English flair and phlegm. Londoners do not let the regular “severe delays” get on their nerves, nor do they push to get in the carriages, even when I could easily picture 10 more angry Parisians in there.

Quite a different morning routine from my Hamburger one, when, before getting into my car, I would stop at the bakery to buy my lunch Brötchen.

Well, let’s bring back the same crisp in London. Let’s bake some corn bread. Continue reading “Little Corn breads – my German madeleine de Proust”