This is not a sushi recipe : Korean beef stew

We’ve tasted this stew in the funniest of circumstances. What was supposed to be a sushi dinner at friends’ turned last minute into a Korean dinner, for both the hostess and myself had just found out we were expecting. This dates back more than 2 years ago, yet the memory of this Korean stew is still vivid in my mind. As history seems to repeat itself, and we’re both expecting again, I felt I would throw a commemoration dinner, and honor my friend’s recipe to the best of my abilities.  Continue reading “This is not a sushi recipe : Korean beef stew”

Long-lasting love : Salted pork with lentils

What a Valentine’s Day!
I can’t believe have just been dumped by my oven as I was getting ready for our weekly bread-baking date. Not a word of warning, no foreboding signs whatsoever… Not even a post-it with few pathetic words scribbled on it…

My heart broke as I started assessing how much I had lost: no more sourdough, no more pizza, roasted veggies, quiches and cakes…

But Valentine’s day is no day to feel blue. Thanks god, there’s plenty more fish in the sea. Hello rice cooker, hello pans, hello cocottes…. Continue reading “Long-lasting love : Salted pork with lentils”

The book and its cover: Smoked Haddock

Do you have to be pretty to be famous ?
When thinking about this smoked haddock I have to admit I have been sitting on the fence for a moment. Because visually speaking it’s nothing to write home about. Yet it’s so delicious.
So my standpoint is : after a day at work, cooking cannot be a beauty pageant!
It was a very satisfying dinner, hence it does deserve its minute of fame. Continue reading “The book and its cover: Smoked Haddock”

Get lucky : organic stuffed mushroom

We are only 15 days into 2015 and one of my dearest wishes already came true. I have just been offered my dream job ! Cherry on the cake, lots of little side perks came in the package such as : getting 1 week holiday and the opportunity for a spontaneous week-end in Paris at a bargain rate. Almost too good to be true!
We had just eaten mushrooms for dinner when this all materialised… I could not help but wonder if I was dreaming.
Below is the very honest recipe and list of ingredients. No kidding, no hallucinogenic part whatsoever. Continue reading “Get lucky : organic stuffed mushroom”

My dear deer meatballs

Our beloved Christmas tree
Our beloved Christmas tree

The festive season is over, we are back to real life.

Believe me the computer screen I am currently looking at is far less sexy than our late Christmas tree.

Yet, I don’t feel like making New Year resolutions since we have been so well behaved lately. We have :
– eaten local organic food
– recycled leftovers in fancy dishes
– shared great food with our beloved ones
– exercised in woods and on the ski-runs

Continue reading “My dear deer meatballs”

The name of the game ? Pheasant

How far can one go in the pursuit of the perfect dish ? Does the end justify the means ? Can one condone stealing ?

That was the very dilemma I have been faced with when preparing a pheasant.
Although I was cooking to celebrate my better half turning 33, he did not yield when I came begging for a few drops of his cognac. See, the recipe I was looking at involved the precious drink to flambé the meat…

Although temptation was high to go fetch some cognac, despite the clear nogo I had been given, I remained very well-behaved.

Anyway, the recipe also involved truffles and I did not have any…
I ended up, as often, pretending to follow the recipe, and composing with what my pantry allowed.
Meaning a very low-key pheasant preparation. But at least an honest one!

Continue reading “The name of the game ? Pheasant”

The Pie Project Opus 2 : Pork Apple pie

Some people enjoy sipping a glass while cooking. This recipe is the perfect one to do so, as cider is part of the ingredient list and you won’t be using all of it for the dish…
Also, decorating the top of the pie resorts to our artistic gifts and some of us might find the cider to be helping a great deal when it comes to being creative ! Continue reading “The Pie Project Opus 2 : Pork Apple pie”

Reaching food maturity – La Pissaladière

As a kid, olives and anchovies were on the top of my food blacklist. I hated olives’ bitterness and anchovies’ super salty and fishy taste.

Today’s dinner would have been an ordeal for me few years back. But there seems to be an age when your taste buds are reaching maturity and learn to enjoy what I used to think were adults’ ingredients ! Like a rite of passage. If you can cope with olives, you’re a grown up. Continue reading “Reaching food maturity – La Pissaladière”