Leek salad

Sometimes it’s tougher to get your husband to eat his daily portion of veggies than it is with your toddler. Yesterday was not one of those times. My meat-eater of a hubby did help himself twice of this leek salad and being more on the veggie side of things I find it to be a good, self-sufficient main. For die-hard carnivores you can throw in bacon as well. But here is the basic recipe. Continue reading “Leek salad”

Quick & yummy 2: bulgur salad

Looking after the cutest 11 month old currently fine-tuning his walking skills got me to meditate on the virtues of basics : they are not really fancy (who brags about their walking?) but they definitely come in handy! Same goes with basics when it comes to food: nothing to write home about (hence the short post below), but definitely a winner if you get your hands on top quality ingredients. Bonus: unlike walking, you won’t need a year to master them! Continue reading “Quick & yummy 2: bulgur salad”