Carrot soup & beauty recipe

Amazing news : you can bin all your self-help books ! According to old wives tales, not only am I about to share with you a soup but also a beauty recipe. They say if you eat carrots your complexion will get brighter and so will your bum’s skin… It’s also said you’ll become more amiable if you’ve been acting like a bear with a sore head but that’s another story. If I can manage to feed you and have you look better I’m already beyond happy.

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Old-fashioned recipe: Onion Soup

As I lay wide awake in the middle of the night, I can’t help my mind from wandering…
Are there good remedies to keep your better half from sleeping like a log ( a noisy one ) next to you ?
It’s quite unbecoming ! On top of preventing you from falling asleep again, it can only highlight how good his sleep is, at least obviously, much better than yours.
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Squash spicy/soft soup

Do you believe in this saying : no pain, no gain ?
I don’t!
This week I witnessed a group of hardcore Londoners exercising under heavy rain on the green by our place. What used to be the perfect spot for outdoor exercise in summer turns into a copycat of military boot camps when it’s dark and pouring…
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