Grilled almonds : quick and easy

Have you heard of the chamallow test ? It’s designed to assess kid’s ability to resist an immediate temptation in pursue of a greater satisfaction but later on. Well, I can tell you my better half fails this test almost on a daily basis, when, after a long and grueling day at work, he comes home to wolf down a bag a industrial pretzel before he gets to taste that delicious dinner I made for him. And it’s bugging me. I feels almost cheated on by this pretzel bag. So in a very “adapt or die” move, I decided I will prepare nibbles, quick and easy, and he’s snacking before dinner will not be cheating anymore.

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Mother hen & her eggs mimosa

I must confess I am developing two growing passions : bread and jams. The plus side is that once you master the basic technics, you can go on and improvise endlessly, as you please.

The downside : this does not feed an honest man.

Let’s kill two birds with one stone : liquidate a weird mayonnaise overstock in our fridge ( = extra jam jars ) and provide my old man a decent dinner. Speaking of birds, oeufs minosa would do the perfect trick. Continue reading “Mother hen & her eggs mimosa”