Coffee and pecan cake

I never thought of myself as a matchmaker, but here I am celebrating the union of 2 recipes : Lorraine Pascal’s coffee and walnut cake with Nopi’s coffee and pecan financiers. It is a promising marriage in my opinion, offering you the best of both worlds : Lorraine’s strong suits being the use of standard ingredients and Nopi’s the lighter Chantilly cream. Continue reading “Coffee and pecan cake”

Illico pesto ! 

Making fresh pasta is quite an endeavor, and come Sunday evening, it feels only right to go for the quick wins, that is : pasta which have been waiting in your pantry.  Still, let’s not slouch completely into laziness: we might be wearing our lazy pants in view of a mellow evening, we still have our ego! Making your own pesto will make a real difference. The last contribution of week. But I know you can make it !  Continue reading “Illico pesto ! “

Stale is not dead : long live stale bread ! Pain perdu and other tricks

Are you a good citizen? Do you donate old clothes ? Do you buy second hand and like vintage ? This post is for you !

If you believe in a sustainable way of life same goes for your leftovers. Take bread for instance. We all like it best when it’s fresh. Still, don’t get rid of yesterday’s baguette just yet : there are so many ways to give stale bread a second youth. All it takes is a little anticipation and half a shelf in your kitchen cupboards.

Here are a few suggestions … Continue reading “Stale is not dead : long live stale bread ! Pain perdu and other tricks”

Guilty pleasure : chocolate mousse

There is the cutest French ad for chocolate mousse, where a little boy, caught by his mum with huge chocolate whiskers right before lunch, blames his goldfish for having eaten the thing.

As a grown up there is nobody but yourself to blame you for indulging into a chocolate mousse guilty pleasure. If you still feel like you could use an excuse, my angle is to lick every inch of the dish as it’s really alleviating washing the dishes !  Continue reading “Guilty pleasure : chocolate mousse”

Quick & yummy 2: bulgur salad

Looking after the cutest 11 month old currently fine-tuning his walking skills got me to meditate on the virtues of basics : they are not really fancy (who brags about their walking?) but they definitely come in handy! Same goes with basics when it comes to food: nothing to write home about (hence the short post below), but definitely a winner if you get your hands on top quality ingredients. Bonus: unlike walking, you won’t need a year to master them! Continue reading “Quick & yummy 2: bulgur salad”

American recipe initiation: Peach cobbler

Ladies and gentlemen, important milestone today: 7 years ago to the day I met my husband. Some people say, 7 years is a cycle, and every cell of one’s body is changed over that period. I tend to believe it’s true since 7 years ago I was a diehard Parisian and I’m now an apprentice New Yorker.

To embrace this fresh start, that new bunch of cells of mine gave a go to an American recipe: peach cobbler.  Continue reading “American recipe initiation: Peach cobbler”

A keeper : Chocolate cake

If you were to interview this cake, he would be able to brag 3 undeniable qualities :

* he’s a quick win: 20 minutes tops to prepare and another 20 to bake.

* he’s versatile : you can accomodate the recipe following your mood

* his dough is as good raw as baked : as a kid ( when my stomach could take it that is ) we used to double quantities so we could eat half of the dough raw & bake half of it… Not the best nutritive move I admit !

But at least for its 2 first qualities, it’s worth giving this baby a go.  Continue reading “A keeper : Chocolate cake”

Meet my friend Charlotte : Strawberry Charlotte

In the animal realm, Cuckoos suffer from a dreadful reputation : they’re known to take over others’ nests and find them comfortable enough to settle there. In a nutshell they take credit for others’ work. I am a bit of Cuckoo here as I’m posting my mum’s work. Nonetheless, I did play a major part in this Charlotte’s coming to life : I did say I would love to eat one 🙂 Continue reading “Meet my friend Charlotte : Strawberry Charlotte”