Recipe Index

Think of this page as your window shopping moment, or better put a place to browse for inspiration. This is still work in progress, and a good fine-tuning exercise of my computer skills : so if you come across any bug, let me know and I’ll do as if I were in my kitchen, I’ll give it another go to make it better.


  • Basics

Illico pesto ! 

Grilled almonds 

Wild Backberry jam

Dressing up ! Italian salad dressing

Sweet dough


  • Bread & pastries

Self-Esteem boost – Sourdough bread

Our daily bread & jam

24 hours with a guest of honour – Scones

A brioche tribute to Marie-Antoinette

Little Corn breads – my German madeleine de Proust

Moving up the Baker Ladder…

Stale is not dead : long live stale bread ! Pain perdu and other tricks

When in New York… bake Bagels


  • Desserts

That’s the way the crumble crumbles

2 good 2 be true : Choco-vanilla cake 

Kid friendly apricot tart

Coffee and pecan cake

The family inheritance : Semoule à l’orange

Figs and olive oil cake – Jamie Oliver’s recipe

My pet biscuits : Langues de chat – cat tongues

Guilty pleasure : chocolate mousse

Gold medal : gâteau Anna

American recipe initiation: Peach cobbler

A keeper : Chocolate cake

Meet my friend Charlotte : Strawberry Charlotte

Cherry on the cake : clafoutis

Jetlag antidote : fruit soufflé

London made its mark : Sticky toffee pudding

A neighborly dessert : Rice pudding and apple rhubarb compote

Letting the creative juices flow: Lemon Meringue Pie

Halloween my way : roasted pineapple candy

Visitandine for our visitors

Canelés de Bordeaux

A proper introduction or l’Île Flottante

Exotic clafloutis

Pear and Cranberry Cobbler

Chocolate mousse baked like a cake

Banana bread 

A crush on Persian love cakes 



Choux pastry and Eclairs

Rose and Pistachio Basboussa

Chocolate soup and nuts crumble

Far breton ( Breton custard pie with prunes)

Rhubarb pie and apricot coulis

Lemon drizzle cake


Semolina, orange and coconut cake


  • Drinks

International drink : Korean lemon syrup meets New York tap water

Opening up the treasure box – Matcha tea


  • Mains

This is not a sushi recipe : Korean beef stew

My dear deer meatballs

Salt cod puree aka brandade de morue

Chili squids and creamy polenta

Long-lasting love : Salted pork with lentils

The book and its cover: Smoked Haddock

Get lucky : organic stuffed mushroom

My dear deer meatballs

The name of the game ? Pheasant

The Pie Project Opus 2 : Pork Apple pie

Reaching food maturity – La Pissaladière

Christmas Home-run – Meat Pies

Sunday roast new age – Gougère

Who’s who – Le Hachis Parmentier

Out of Africa – gratin dauphinois

Following respectable footsteps – Quiche Lorraine

Only the brave ! Getting to the heart of the artichokes

The rather unorthodox Galette Bretonne

Let the sun shine ☀️: stuffed zucchini and corn

The pie that makes you cry… And smile : savory onion pie

Sweet potato cakes

Cheese souffle 

Fish terrine

Golden Cauliflower


  • Salads & Starters

Quick & yummy 2: bulgur salad

Quick and yummy : melon salad

On the crispy side of life : red cabbage salad

Mother hen & her eggs mimosa


  • Soups

Old-fashioned recipe: Onion Soup

Squash spicy/soft soup

Carrot soup & beauty recipe