This is not a sushi recipe : Korean beef stew

We’ve tasted this stew in the funniest of circumstances. What was supposed to be a sushi dinner at friends’ turned last minute into a Korean dinner, for both the hostess and myself had just found out we were expecting. This dates back more than 2 years ago, yet the memory of this Korean stew is still vivid in my mind. As history seems to repeat itself, and we’re both expecting again, I felt I would throw a commemoration dinner, and honor my friend’s recipe to the best of my abilities.  Continue reading “This is not a sushi recipe : Korean beef stew”

Who’s who – Le Hachis Parmentier

This week I have been attending my first charity ball in London. And it happened again : all the guests were obviously thrilled by the character on stage. Yet I had no clue who was the person causing the excitment…
This is not the first time, and it will certainly not be the last, that I am reminded how shallow my knowledge of UK socialite life is.
I have know quite a list of famous people I have met who were total nobodies to me … Among them star chef, a couple of models and anchormen… Continue reading “Who’s who – Le Hachis Parmentier”