Leek salad

Sometimes it’s tougher to get your husband to eat his daily portion of veggies than it is with your toddler. Yesterday was not one of those times. My meat-eater of a hubby did help himself twice of this leek salad and being more on the veggie side of things I find it to be a good, self-sufficient main. For die-hard carnivores you can throw in bacon as well. But here is the basic recipe. Continue reading “Leek salad”

Mother hen & her eggs mimosa

I must confess I am developing two growing passions : bread and jams. The plus side is that once you master the basic technics, you can go on and improvise endlessly, as you please.

The downside : this does not feed an honest man.

Let’s kill two birds with one stone : liquidate a weird mayonnaise overstock in our fridge ( = extra jam jars ) and provide my old man a decent dinner. Speaking of birds, oeufs minosa would do the perfect trick. Continue reading “Mother hen & her eggs mimosa”