Figs and olive oil cake – Jamie Oliver’s recipe

Figs always appeared to me as very mysterious fruits, fragile, rare and expensive. Being in a scholar mood today, I did some research on the matter. Turns out legend has it Buddha achieved enlightenment under a large and old sacred fig tree. More than 2600 years later I can only face facts: there is an obvious “fig wisdom pattern” here, and Jamie Oliver was very enlightened to add olive oil to his fig cake recipe : fortune (and taste) does favor the bold ! Continue reading “Figs and olive oil cake – Jamie Oliver’s recipe”

24 hours with a guest of honour – Scones

Against all odds, our distinguished guest has arrived safely and in good time. No matter how erroneous the indications he had been given, how unreliable his sense of direction, how tricky the London subway can be…

We figured it was a good omen, the day ahead was promising, and a decent brunch could only fuel us with the needed energy. Continue reading “24 hours with a guest of honour – Scones”