Leek salad

Sometimes it’s tougher to get your husband to eat his daily portion of veggies than it is with your toddler. Yesterday was not one of those times. My meat-eater of a hubby did help himself twice of this leek salad and being more on the veggie side of things I find it to be a good, self-sufficient main. For die-hard carnivores you can throw in bacon as well. But here is the basic recipe. Continue reading “Leek salad”

Figs and olive oil cake – Jamie Oliver’s recipe

Figs always appeared to me as very mysterious fruits, fragile, rare and expensive. Being in a scholar mood today, I did some research on the matter. Turns out legend has it Buddha achieved enlightenment under a large and old sacred fig tree. More than 2600 years later I can only face facts: there is an obvious “fig wisdom pattern” here, and Jamie Oliver was very enlightened to add olive oil to his fig cake recipe : fortune (and taste) does favor the bold ! Continue reading “Figs and olive oil cake – Jamie Oliver’s recipe”

Stale is not dead : long live stale bread ! Pain perdu and other tricks

Are you a good citizen? Do you donate old clothes ? Do you buy second hand and like vintage ? This post is for you !

If you believe in a sustainable way of life same goes for your leftovers. Take bread for instance. We all like it best when it’s fresh. Still, don’t get rid of yesterday’s baguette just yet : there are so many ways to give stale bread a second youth. All it takes is a little anticipation and half a shelf in your kitchen cupboards.

Here are a few suggestions … Continue reading “Stale is not dead : long live stale bread ! Pain perdu and other tricks”

American recipe initiation: Peach cobbler

Ladies and gentlemen, important milestone today: 7 years ago to the day I met my husband. Some people say, 7 years is a cycle, and every cell of one’s body is changed over that period. I tend to believe it’s true since 7 years ago I was a diehard Parisian and I’m now an apprentice New Yorker.

To embrace this fresh start, that new bunch of cells of mine gave a go to an American recipe: peach cobbler.  Continue reading “American recipe initiation: Peach cobbler”

Meet my friend Charlotte : Strawberry Charlotte

In the animal realm, Cuckoos suffer from a dreadful reputation : they’re known to take over others’ nests and find them comfortable enough to settle there. In a nutshell they take credit for others’ work. I am a bit of Cuckoo here as I’m posting my mum’s work. Nonetheless, I did play a major part in this Charlotte’s coming to life : I did say I would love to eat one 🙂 Continue reading “Meet my friend Charlotte : Strawberry Charlotte”

Cherry on the cake : clafoutis

Today I got the proof we did settle very well in the big apple. We’re back home for two weeks, a little break from NYC hustle and bustle. My jaw dropped when we bought bread in the best bakery in town : I figured the cashier was mistaken and did not charge for the whole of what we were purchasing. Well no, she was right. By NYC standards a real bargain : we got 2 baguettes and a sliced bread for barely more of the price of 1 baguette back in the big apple.

Life is sweet back home, and cherry on the cake we get to enjoy mum’s baking. All credits go to her for this dessert. Continue reading “Cherry on the cake : clafoutis”

Jetlag antidote : fruit soufflé

The world is a village ! This week we’ve had friends coming from Paris and Manilla visiting us. Not that I am disregarding the Parisian traveler, but the Manilla part was the most impressive : it takes 48 hours, and a 12 hour jet lag to come to New York. I felt my welcome dinner better be worth their while. And, as technically speaking, it was breakfast time in Manilla, I went for a very sweet recipe. Here it is, and don’t wait for a friend coming from the other side of the world to embark on a soufflé journey ! Continue reading “Jetlag antidote : fruit soufflé”

London made its mark : Sticky toffee pudding

One of the upsides of getting visits from Europe, on top of the friendly company,  is the culinary treasures brought to you. Smuggled in to be accurate. And for a French girl, still trying to figure out her food sourcing, it’s a big deal. Continue reading “London made its mark : Sticky toffee pudding”

A neighborly dessert : Rice pudding and apple rhubarb compote

Do you have friendly neighbors ? The proof of the pudding is in the eating… For this dessert I had to go knock on my neighbor’s door as I was one egg short. This little egg hunt turned out to be a success and so the weekend started, on a sweet note, feeling blessed to have moved in such a friendly place ! Continue reading “A neighborly dessert : Rice pudding and apple rhubarb compote”