Grilled almonds : quick and easy

Have you heard of the chamallow test ? It’s designed to assess kid’s ability to resist an immediate temptation in pursue of a greater satisfaction but later on. Well, I can tell you my better half fails this test almost on a daily basis, when, after a long and grueling day at work, he comes home to wolf down a bag a industrial pretzel before he gets to taste that delicious dinner I made for him. And it’s bugging me. I feels almost cheated on by this pretzel bag. So in a very “adapt or die” move, I decided I will prepare nibbles, quick and easy, and he’s snacking before dinner will not be cheating anymore.

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Leek salad

Sometimes it’s tougher to get your husband to eat his daily portion of veggies than it is with your toddler. Yesterday was not one of those times. My meat-eater of a hubby did help himself twice of this leek salad and being more on the veggie side of things I find it to be a good, self-sufficient main. For die-hard carnivores you can throw in bacon as well. But here is the basic recipe. Continue reading “Leek salad”

Quick & yummy 2: bulgur salad

Looking after the cutest 11 month old currently fine-tuning his walking skills got me to meditate on the virtues of basics : they are not really fancy (who brags about their walking?) but they definitely come in handy! Same goes with basics when it comes to food: nothing to write home about (hence the short post below), but definitely a winner if you get your hands on top quality ingredients. Bonus: unlike walking, you won’t need a year to master them! Continue reading “Quick & yummy 2: bulgur salad”

On the crispy side of life : red cabbage salad

Oh My God ! It’s been almost a month since my last post. For those of you wondering… well, I have to confess I was busy… Busy eating cabbage!

See, we have subscribed to weekly deliveries of organic vegetables. A major step forward in our routine, which saves us the somewhat depressing shopping chore under neon lights.
Now we have access to a broad range of vegetables kindly selected out of local farming production.
And as it turns out cabbage exist in countless forms… Bottom line, the time spared from endless wanders between supermarkets’ shelves, has been put to good use: figuring out what kind of cabbage ended up on our doorstep, how to cook it, and trying to reckon how many meals to enjoy it. Continue reading “On the crispy side of life : red cabbage salad”